Early Years

HJ Industries opened it's doors in 1982 supplying replacement parts and components for the heavy equipment utilized in the construction and waste handler industries. Throughout the years, Waste Handlers, primarily Landfill Operations, evolved into HJ Industries' primary customer focus. As a result, HJ Industries realized several Waste Handler Equipment models in use lacked sufficient guarding to protect critical and vulnerable equipment powertrain components and saw a need to address these issues. Our first focus was the 826C Landfill Compactor which led to the development of a very successful product to eliminate wire wrap around the machine's vulnerable wheel seal and axle areas. A version for the 836 series compactors soon followed

Compaction Wheels / Powertrain Guarding

In 1996, HJ Industries introduced its New and Remanufactured Exchange Compaction Wheel Program. Today HJ provides New & Reman wheels from ( 2 ) U.S. locations.
Shortly afterwards, the First Bolt On Final Drive Seal Protection Guard System was presented to the Waste Industry. To this date, the HJ Guard is the most complete, effective and durable final drive protection available to the industry and is a mandated required option by several Waste Companies for their equipment.

Current Developments

Today, HJ Industries focuses it's efforts on its customers by providing the best product possible, at the best price, with superior customer service and delivering the product when needed while expanding the HJ product line with new, innovative and
industry changing offerings.
HJ Industries is proud to be one of the few companies in the industry who designs, tests and manufactures its complete product line in house with several products being awarded U.S. and Foreign Patents for their unique design and excellent performance characteristics.
We look forward to being your partner and assisting with your post collections operation.