HJ Compaction Wheel / Cleat Design

The Performance of a Landfill Compactor regardless of size, weight or design in our opinion is its ability to move through waste material and more importantly the ability to move efficiently and effectively through material and terrain that involves a variety of challenging conditions. HJ understands the dynamics involved and incorporates this knowledge into each and every HJ Compaction product to ensure each one provides an effective compaction solution for your operation.

New & Remanufactured
Exchange Wheel Programs

  • Exchange wheel programs designed specifically with your input to meet required
    specifications and desired wear life
  • New Machine Wheel Programs designed to reduce wheel costs over the machine's life
    cycle and to assure your units are operating at all times with sufficient cleat heights
  • Remanufactured Exchange Wheels available for your in field existing units
    and units in for rebuilds
  • HJ Landfill Compaction Series Cleats

  • Trac-Pac Cleat
  • Ripper Series Cleat
  • CorkScrew Series Cleat
  • M.O.A.C. - Mother Of All Compaction Series Cleat

    • HJ Trac-Pac Cleat

      Protected By U.S. Patent

    • HJ Ripper Series Cleat

      Protected By U.S. Patents

    • HJ CorkScrew Series

      Recently Introduced

    • HJ M.O.A.C. Series

      " Mother Of All Compaction "